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RE: Dave Yost
April 21, 2011 | 11:57 AM

You make an interesting point. It seems we as a society in this country are totally eliminating our history. We act like we just don't care about who or what got us to this point in time. As I look around today at many of the modern, cookie cutter type structures I think how are these places going to be looked at and be represented in history. Another is the cars of today. I saw a car with antique collector plates on it the other day and it made no sense as to why? It had no unique design or quality to any of the other cars on the road today. That is because they also are all cookie cutter cars with a different name and logo slapped on them. You are so right when you said "If we forget where we came from, how are we going to get where we are going?" If we can't show the past how do we explain the present and envision the future. You can't view history with a plaque.

Walworth County