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Something to think about
April 21, 2011 | 03:27 PM

Does anyone who works with the mentally ill think maybe the Pastor and "drug and alcohol treatment therapist" of Jeremy Dees' church could have done more for Mr. Dees hours before this terrible accident. Trust me, I in no way mean to offend Carter's family, or excuse the car accident, but as a believer in God, I feel that the people Mr. Dees came to for help that morning could have done more. The early newspaper articles say, it was "assumed" Mr. Dees had been drinking. Was that only because of his alcohol history, or because the police officer smelled alcohol on his breath. Imagine if all of our current and future behavior was determined by our past behavior.

And why did not a man of God and a licensed drug and alcohol treatment therapist recognize that the actions of a man who needed a prayer session at 3:00am, professed he hadn't slept in 2 days, and was taking the bible literally, that this man was a harm to others, if not just himself? He threw his phone and stomped it saying that it was an idol. Damage to property, even his own property? Why let this man into a vehicle of death. It sounds to me like Mr. Dees knew that his behavior might have been "not right" and that is why he asked for a prayer session. It sounds to me he did everything he could to get himself some help. And someone dropped the ball. When he threw his phone, were authorities called to keep an eye out for his car, his behavior?

Sometimes, God doesn't fix mental illnesses with only prayer. He expects us, especially christians, to take these people under our wing, and show them the love and grace that God makes avaialable to us every day.

Again, I dont mean to excuse Mr. Dees killing of this precious child, anyone who knows me knows that. But do we really know how many people with mental illnesses feel thrown away by society and forgotten? What will happen when there are more Medicare and Medicaid cuts for these programs?

I also wonder the success rate of Mt. Zion House. How many men come out of there with the tools and self-confidence they need to stay sober? How many men can find housing away from high crime and drug and alcohol communities to stay sober?

Lake Geneva
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