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Those in Need of a Hand UP, not a Hand Out
May 04, 2011 | 09:18 AM

Although there are many sad stories of people getting Behind the 8 Ball.. There is a Message to the rest of us..
1. You must Save at least 5% of what you earn
2. Live with in your means

We are all guilty of Not doing that from time to time..
Have to go thru a Reality Check and it's not nice either.. a Real Rude Awakening..

I learn this the hard way myself, after Going Bankrupt, Loosing My Home, etc..

I vowed to never let this happen again.. We were just out of control on buying everything on Credit and living paycheck to paycheck.
And we Justified it as well as everyone else..

Even some having Too Many Children that they just cannot Afford to raise.. They say it now cost the ave of $5,000 a Yr to raise each child..

For many Seniors, someone has to be the Bearer of Bad News.. In telling those who are in need, while they are still living in their Larger Homes, they just cannot afford to maintain them anylonger and just have to Downsize.. But they want others to take care of their homes for them at Below Rates or discounts to even Free.. Burdening their Nieghbors and the community... And/or so they can Leave their Home to their Children ( or the $ from selling them )...

And how many that have been "helped", Pay back when they are back on their feet again? A IOU is inorder.. IF anything? A Lein on their Homes for when they sell them...or they Pass Away..

We set up a Charity Fund but put the $ into an Investment Mutul Fund and the $ Taken out of it are LOANS That can take Decades to pay it back, but they eventually do..
And They're Children are learning from their Parents Demise as well.. Learning what NOT to do is just as important as leaning what To do..even in their Final Yrs...

Geneva Lakes
Walworth County