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Similarities between both Chiefs
May 06, 2011 | 12:17 PM

Reading the article about the Townships new police chief was in a way like reading about our previous chief. Both have the same ideals and hopes for their town they work in. Let us just hope the new chief gets a better shake.
Our new chief in the article is said to have the following "Three words best describe him: compassionate, honest, reliable." Those same 3 words described the previous chief as well. But because of some vendetta's a few in this community had against the man. Their constant badgering forced him to retire and leave office.
The new chief couldn't have stressed any more the compedence and confidence of the previous chief than with the following statement in the article. "The community is actually very fortunate because they have excellent police officers working here. They're very well-trained. They know what they're doing." Those 3 sentences say it all about the previous chief.
The new chief also said "We just don't want to be a stand-alone Police Department," he said. "We want to be a part of this community." Good Luck!!! Chief Gritzner tried that and was forced out.
Many in this township stand behind the new Chief and the police department as we did the previous Chief. We wish the new Chief all the best.

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