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Enough Already
May 10, 2011 | 02:32 PM

Just what type of tourists and people do you want to attract? Also Don't label all kids who use skateboards and/or skateboard parks PUNKS. I know many who use them and all they want to do is have some fun. You know the same thing we as kids wanted to do when were their age. Their skateboard park to them is like us as kids playing ball in the park. Everyone is always complaining that these kids need a place to go so they don't cause trouble in the neighborhoods. Well here it is and it is up to the adults to maintain it for them as it was our parents to do for our place to play and hangout.
As for tourist, we need to update, improve, replace or increase attractions to bring in tourists. They are our source of revenue here. They are the reason we have businesses here, They are the reason people live and pay mortgages here, They are the reason people work here or will if we open our eyes and work to attract them here. All I know is most of what comes into this area in money is brought in by tourists. Last I seen there isn't much other industry here.