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By your Logic
May 10, 2011 | 07:54 PM

Hey, why not let the city buy the golf course? After all, as you said, "The skateboard park is something that the local kids need and should be supported." So why not golfers? Why didn't the city buy and operate the race track? Why not build and operate a shooting range? There may be some local residents that want and need these and should be supported. Tell me, where does it end? Just when does the city no longer have a responsibility to provide all these things that someone might "need"?

Last time I checked, there's no law stopping a 14 year old from mowing lawns, doing odd jobs for elderly neighbors, or even (god forbid) baling hay at a local farm. It's a matter of wanting to do something, you know, if there's a will, there's a way.

If you REALLY want to attract business here's a couple suggestions:

1) Lower taxes and allow tax breaks for businesses that are willing to build and expand onto properties that currently sit vacant.

2) Tell the zoning board to get off business's backs. If you ever watch those meetings on cable, it's a disgrace. Prospective entrepreneurs are sent through the inquisition just to start a business. BACK OFF, let them give their idea a try. The worst thing that can happen is they fail and it's back to square one.

3) Stop this notion that just because something's old, it's "historic". What's better, a thriving business that may be modern or a "piece of history" that's dilapidated? If someone has the will and the money to invest, let them, don't wait around in the hope that someone will "buy it to restore it to it's original state".

4) Don't make getting a liquor license next to impossible to get. If I were looking to start a club or restaurant, I'd be more willing if I could serve a cocktail or two. To expect someone to invest, prove themselves, and wait "their turn", is a sure fire way to send the message that YOU'RE NOT WANTED.

5) Do something about traffic and parking in the summer. More spaces, more lots, synchronize the lights, have a cop directing traffic, whatever. Doesn't do the community or the air for that matter any good when people spend half their time sitting around in their car idling waiting to get through town and find a parking space.

It's more than just "having a few things". There needs to be good accessibility for not only tourists, but people who want to invest and build something.

B - "And while the parents are taking in the boring shops in town what should the kids do." Sounds like an opportunity for someone in the PRIVATE SECTOR, doesn't it?

Enough Already
Lake Geneva
Walworth County