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May 11, 2011 | 07:17 AM

Metered stalls are regulated by the state government. That law says 3 per metered stall. A local government can not be more strict than state law.

Liquor licenses are allowed based upon residential population census' and a state law formula. So, even if the city wanted to - the only licenses that are not limited by population are packaged good class A - or in english - you can't open them...so gas stations, convienence stores, grocery stores etc.....Class B (full bar) and C (wine license) are limited.

As for parking - AMEN...when will this ever get better until they find a way to build a viable parking structure. Tear down that nasty building across from Horticultural Hall. The things been vacant for the 20 years I'v lived here and the last 15 it looks ready to fall down on its own anyway. Anyone want it preserved like that? Its a miracle the thing hasn't gone up in flames and taken surrounding properties with it.

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Walworth County