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report print email Source: Editorial: City skate park project decision all about money
The problem is location
May 19, 2011 | 08:03 AM

The only problem I see here is that Dunn Field was a bad spot for the first park and its not better now. Its off the beaten path - the area is too small - there's only TIF money available and then what do you use to keep it maintained after its built. As the article points out - the "old" park is only 10 years old! I remember on one occassion - some hooligan threw the bench seating over the fence! After the TIF closes the upkeep will hit the general tax levy. If you charge to get in - to pay for some of it - it won't be used anywhere near what they hope it will and then you have to pay somebody to babysit the entrance fee and how high would the price per admission have to be before it would even break even.

Oh well - they'll do it anyway.

Albert - I do say that I agree with your post about opting out. To suggest that we as taxpayers can opt out of paying our share of the levy whether schools or local is just ridiculous. If someone is unhappy with the way the electorate is spending our money - run for office yourself or vote them out. The end.

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