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report print email Source: Editorial: City skate park project decision all about money
This is a better use than Veterans Park
May 19, 2011 | 08:48 AM

We live in a different time than 20 & certainly 30 years ago when skating was a fringe activity mainly kept to the west coast. Today's youth are just as likely to skateboard as play any of the main sports such as baseball, football, or basketball. Yet we fund these activities without any thought.

Go to Veterans Park on any weekday & take a look at how many of the baseball fields are actually being used. Not even half the fields are used on a nightly basis during the height of the baseball season, yet not one person has ever questioned the construction of the fields. Why? Because we accept that the community has a responsibility to provide parks & playing fields for our citizens & baseball is an activity we understand & grew up with. The city of Lake Geneva gives the YMCA $50,000 a year to run our local sports leagues, yet the majority of LG kids play baseball in Genoa City. Not one person has ever questioned these funds. So why is there an uproar about a one time cost of 300k for a skate park?

This something that will benefit more kids than are currently playing in the Y baseball league. It is a different day & age & is needed for the area youth.

Bobby P
Walworth County