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Be all things for all people?
May 22, 2011 | 08:33 PM

Well I guess "enough already" wants to eliminate the tennis courts, baseball diamonds, baskeball hoops, ect. I mean were just a small town that can't offer all of these big city luxuries. The thing is while sitting on my front stoop with my corn cob pipe & my overalls, I thought hmm, we do seem to offer a great deal of resources towards the publics recreations.

Here is what "enough" doesn't get, & I suspect he is an old man, Skate boarding is one of the most popular sports with people 30 & under. The best borders in the worlds make millions of dollars & attract thousands in attendance at events. This is not some fringe activity that only a very few participate in. If we as a city can build baseball diamonds, soccer fields, & tennis courts we certainly should build a skatepark.

Bob P