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report print email Source: Editorial: City skate park project decision all about money
Enough Already
May 22, 2011 | 09:53 PM

must of missed something that changed a long time ago. Lake Geneva is no longer a SMALL TOWN it is called THE CITY OF LAKE GENEVA.
What is so wrong with contructing a skateboard park where the kids and young adults can go and enjoy themselves? It seems to me that many in this CITY want their cake and eat it too. EA also says with more activities comes more crime. I would think with less activities for the young people to do would promote more crime. Why is it people of this city have no problem dishing out money for statutes, memorials and constantly asking for waivers of city fees for parades, art shows, farmers markets, etc. But for something that the young people want and we know they would use we just say no. If the city doesn't construct a new skateboard park and all this young people cause trouble downtown and in the neighborhoods I lay odds Enough Already and all the others will be screaming for the city to do something. Makes no sense to this man at all.

Walworth County