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report print email Source: Editorial: City skate park project decision all about money
Bob P = Clueless
May 23, 2011 | 07:14 AM

What do baseball diamonds, soccer fields, and even basketball courts have in common? They're all capable of catering to multipurpose activities. Guess in Bob's little world, one can only play soccer on a soccer field. Since Bob might have fell off his skateboard a few too many times or is smoking something funny in that corn cob pipe, let me try and dumb it down.... Just because something is popular doesn't necessitate a requirement or need for government (or in this case, the city) TO PROVIDE IT. If there's that great a need or desire for something, let the private sector invest in it. They can construct your precious skateboard park and charge people for it's use, (you know, the way business works) then we'll see if this is truly needed, or only needed if it's free.

Enough Already
Lake Geneva
Walworth County