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RE: Man
May 23, 2011 | 09:43 PM

So, according to your assessment if a person smokes and uses bad language they are dropouts. That covers a major portion of the people in this area then. You know between you and others there should be no money spent on the young people in the area. Tonight the council was all in favor of spending money to develop a park for dogs. Yet they argued for a good period about spending on something the young people want. Saying it isn't a needed expense. Priorities!!! Also it was raised that if the youth want this park they should show they can take care of it by cleaning up around it. If that is the case then every person who steps foot in any city park should clean it up or have it taken away. You can't put such a stipulation on just one segment of society. For the first time the young people today are asking the adults for a place to recreate a place they can enjoy and some in office are snubbing their nose at them.

Walworth County