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report print email Source: Editorial: City skate park project decision all about money
Dear Bob P
May 24, 2011 | 09:50 PM

Stop trying to be smarter than you are, the flag football was played exclusively on all four baseball/softball fields. Want pictures? I also agree that the skatepark is multi-purpose, but lets be realistic here, just as the golf course purchase would have benefitted a very small group of citizens, the users of the skatepark are minimal in comparison to the the numbers using veterans park. The original skatepark was built during a finacial period that allowed the city to expend tax dollars for small groups, heck it was the middle of the Condos "Spend and Pay Later" era, a lot of unusual spending occured. Keep in mind the idea is for the greater good, not the good of the few.

2nd Distrcit voter
Lake Geneva
Taste of Wisconsin
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