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Former Little Bucky
May 26, 2011 | 04:35 AM

Mr. Drescher,

Please consider offering weekly youth golf instruction camps when the golf course is reopened. When the children are attending the camps, their parents' natural curiosity will cause them to walk the overall resort property. These parents will share this experience with their families and friends and that positive 'word of mouth' will be the best advertising one could hope to achieve.

Also, bring back the Little Bucky Club and related children's activities. When Lake Lawn Lodge was a very welcoming family resort rather than 'wannabe' upscale (which it never achieved) yuppie destination, it was consistently busy with customers who would return year after year. (Those who travel the upscale 'Robb Report' circuit never return; been there, done that). Bring back the horse stable and rides, the train and all the other long forgotten amenities which gave Lake Lawn character and the real, lasting memories all of us share.

Joe Fontana
Tampa, FL
Walworth County