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Bells and Whistles are Nice...who is going to pay for them?!?!?
May 27, 2011 | 10:53 AM

Please understand that while horse rides and train tracks may be part of your memories (and good ones, I agree!!), Wisconsin's resort/vacation landscape has changed dramatically over the years. Lake Lawn is not the "only show in town" anymore and will need to focus it's energies on providing a competitively priced and QUALITY guestroom, food/beverage, golf experience before it can even consider the items you mention.
As a bit of an expert in the hospitality industry, I can tell you that the current economy is one of the worst the hotel/resort industry has ever seen, and now is not the time to focus efforts on non-revenue generating bells and whistles. Lake Lawn's focus should be on getting "up and running" and rebuilding the loyalty and trust of it's former guests by delivering ONLY what they know and what they can do WELL at this time....no kids clubs, no horses, no trains. Just clean/comfortable sleeping rooms at a fair price, a meal for mom/dad and the two kids that does not require a second mortgage, a pool that the kids can enjoy without needing a tetanus shot, and a golf course that doesn't resemble a hayfield at $189 a round.
Good luck Mr. Drescher, investors, and employees of L.L.....we're all pulling for you!!

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