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RE: Doggie Friend
June 01, 2011 | 06:06 PM

I am a dog lover. Let us get that out there first. My point is this on the matter of a dog park vs a skateboard park. No one wants to put out taxpayer money for a skateboard park for the young people because it is NON-ESSENTIAL to the community. Giving the young people something they will use is NON-ESSENTIAL in some eyes. But, to have a dog park is ESSENTIAL to the community. WHY? Also as I said I am a dog lover would never harm one in my life. But, I don't own one so why should I pay for those who do? Let those who have a dog pay for their supplies to clean up after and bowls to drink from. Same argument used against the skateboard park. Sure the amounts are different, but the theory is the same. On the skateboard park did anyone else hear the representative mention that there are grants available for this type of park and in someplaces where he has built parks donations were accepted to help pay for it. No one seems to look at that possibility. Just NO!!!! we don't need it case closed. Let's spend money on a dog park.

Walworth County