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Dog Park? Sounds Ok, if it pays for itself..
June 04, 2011 | 11:53 AM

A Dog park sound Like a Nice Idea, several North Sub. Illinois Towns have them now too.. But then again, Just as Long as it will More than Pay for itself and not be a Financial Burden..
That is the Key...

And as I understand from my Brother USing His in his town in Northbrook, Ill? You have to have a Dog Permit and tags and That Includes Proof of Liability Insurance as well, of course..

And why not a Water Park, like they Have in Waconda, Illinois? I don't see nothing wrong with adding a Few Slides down at the Beach!

And Aren't Those Boat Bouys supposed to be Marked with Reflecting Tape so you can see them? Many just blend in and can't see them and aren't some out just a tad too far? Been seeing some get Run over at the Cities Public Pier Area...Hitting one with the OB and those Chains does alot of damage to the Motor/ODrive..

And Nice to see the Attendant down at the Public-Boat Launch working so Hard..Is this a Joke? LOL..
Bordem has got to be unreal..Why not find some other Jobs for them to do down there..?
Like do Valet service for the Vehicles and Trailers? and probably be best to Launch and Load Boats for People as well, would go alot faster on busy times.. like they do down in Fox Lake and Chicago..

And how about Run a Hot Dog Stand as well?
And why not No Lights Down there so see Pulling out and Launching after Dark?
Seems to me, Piers and Harbors Ought to Be more Creative..
Don't have to Reinvent the Wheel either, just ck out what other towns and Cities do..

LG of course
Walworth County
Taste of Wisconsin