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June 17, 2011 | 02:56 PM

It never fails, people like Guns are the first to criticize a law that allows LAW ABIDING CITIZENS to carry their firearm. The excuse is it does no good and will result in gunfights in the streets (even though it DOESN'T seem to be a problem in the OTHER 49 STATES). If I were a gambler, I'd be willing to bet that if there were a riot like the one in LA Guns would be THE FIRST to go get himself some protection (see Rosie O'Donnell). I'd also be willing to bet that if Guns had his a$$ saved from a criminal by a person carrying, he'd be the first to thank them. Your argument holds ABSOLUTELY no water, but go ahead and wait (or hope) the police is near if you're involved in a crime....

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