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Response to $500,000 less
June 22, 2011 | 08:24 PM

I am a local firefighter and i would like to explain the differences to you. Walworth's Vehicle is a Pumper or as we call it an "Engine". Its main job is to Pump water at the scene of a fire. The Vehicle that Lake Geneva is looking to replace is a Ladder Truck or as we call it a "Truck". A Truck has a fixed ladder that will be around 100 ft long and is designed to carry a heavier load. If it has a bucket or platform on the end it makes it safer for the firefighters to work at the end. Walworth's Engine carrys only portable ladders that at there longest are most likely 24-35 ft long. The fixed ladder is what causes the large difference in price. Also as Walworth's Engine is designed to pump at the fire it has to bring more water. Lake Geneva's Truck will not carry as much water because it will be using its ladder and the large amuont of equipment that is carried on it. As for foam most Fire Apparatus that have pumps now also carry foam and Lake Geneva's Truck may not have a light tower but it may have lights on the ladder that can do the same job. I hope this helps you understand the difference.

J. C.
Walworth County