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KS Minisries-New Life Lodge
June 23, 2011 | 10:11 PM

Missing from the online version of the LG Regional News is the story on the proposed KS Ministiries-New Life Lodge proposal. The KS Ministries proposal is to develop the previous Lutheran Social Services Building that served as home to mentally disabled men. The new proposal is for a drug rehab half way house. How do you feel about a drug and alcohol rebab center in Lake Geneva/Town of Geneva? Their proposal includes re-zoning from 8 mentally disabled men to 25-30 drug and alcohol addicts. Is this similiar? The new residents would be substance abusers and would exhibit far less predictable behavior. Substance abusers failure rate is 90+%! That means 9 out of 10% do not retain a sober lifestyle. Does this mean 27 people returning to substance abuse every month? 27x12 months or days = FAR to HIGH for my comfort next to the Kiddie College zoned to support 68 children and the First Evangelical Church, zoned for 98 children. All within less than 1/4 mile! Is this a responsible idea after the tough losses due to the Dees debackle (Mt Zion Rehab center), and the loss of life in Lake Geneva at HIS hands? Not only did a young boy loose his life, many fellow Boy scouts their friend, a family lost their son, and brother lost his best friend (all in front of their own eyes). Does this sound like adhering to the Smart Growth Plan? Please contact the Town of Geneva Planning and Zoning Commission and Town Board w your thoughts. To be silent is to encourage the loss of life.

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