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New Life Lodge
June 27, 2011 | 02:11 PM

I am adding this as the info shared on this blog is inaccurate . New Life Lodge is NOT a treatment center , a rehab center or a halfway house. It is a lodge where there is absolutely no alcohol or drugs allowed under any circumstances.Period. It has constant activities running to support this program. I feel to be that desperate to use the example of the terrible tragedy of that young boy killed in a car accident was inappropriate and downright sad . If you did your homework that person driving was completely free of any alcohol or substance abuse . To reopen the parents wounds and cause more open wounds, I feel that people that jump on here should at least make sure they are providing accurate information. New Life Lodge is promoting Smart Growth by addressing issues that should not be ignored and providing opportunities to reduce or attempt to slow down the fast tract of alcohol and substance abuse in not only this community,but the entire nation. The education and help they receive there will only benefit the community. Addiction does not equal danger and criminal activity. Relapse can be as small as one sip of wine. It DOESNT mean they are running out the door to attack your child. To stereotype recoverers like that represents a lack of knowledge and personal prejudices. New Life Lodge prays that your children will never need their services and you come to the understanding that this is a good and much needed program. God Bless

KS Ministries
Lake Geneva,Wi
Walworth County