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June 29, 2011 | 10:09 AM

I feel you are out of sorts....Education should be our #1 priority....and yes, did you ever look at the cost of education for these teachers and also going back to school....of course you didn't....we have teachers in our family and my mom and aunt were both teachers....it is expensive and no, none of you would understand....I see how many others make tons of more money and do not need to continue their education nor pay for the summer school when they attend....they deserve every penny that they earn....would you be willing to work with kids - lower grades and or high school level....of course not....to treat the teachers the way they are being treated is BAD....where is our education going....what kind of children will end up now with the way you are pushing this....Wisconsin is not and has not been poor....my kids go to school early in the morning and bring home work to do after dinner....how many professions are doing that....yes, the police put them selvels in danger and so do the teachers....then why is this happening....

Evie Andersen
Taste of Wisconsin
Walworth County