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Dear Scott Walker Fan
June 30, 2011 | 12:46 PM

Obviously you are one of the laziest, dumb unmotivated students, otherwise you would have done a little homework on the subject you tried to make a comment about. Before offering an opinion it would be wise to know what you are talking about. First of all the private sector had unions long before the public sector was allowed to unionize which explains the loss of manufacturing in this country. Second, none of the teachers you are berating are against paying their fair share of pension or health care, what they are upset about is that some of the pension benefits they lost we given instead of pay raises to help Districts keep costs down during contract negotiatons. Third, the lazy, unmotivated, and dumb students you speak about are that way not because of teachers, but the lack of parental oversight. so if we follow you line of thinking parents should be spade or nuettered for their inability to raise children properly. I would suggest you spend at lesat one day, two if you can shadowing a teacher either at the High School or Middle school then see if what they do or don't do is the cause of the problems you think todays' students have and if teachers receive compensation above their ability.
Most of all do a little background checking...ie.. homework before you spout rhetoric about something you have no knowledge. I don't hear you begrudging police and fire personnel for their trough eating on the tax payer dime. Guaranteed early retirement at age 52, uncontested comp time, (which is figured into pension pay), non-contributing health and pension benefits. How many millions is that costing us taxpayers.
I am neither a teacher, union member, or a Democrat. Actually I am a long time Republican with strong management ties and anti-union tendencies.

Citizen of Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva
Walworth County