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My Dear Lake Geneva Neighbor- How sad your life must be!
June 30, 2011 | 02:05 PM

1. My opinion is only toward public sector unions. I never mentiond the private sector. As for your thoughts about private sector unions, I agree. They were setup as unsustainable. You can't be competetive as a business when competing against the global market. I bet you shop at Target or Walmart. Your shoes, clothes, car(maybe not all of it), food(a lot), tv etc. were probably bought buy you MOSTLY because of price. You are exercising your free market rights. Now I not going to give you an econ101 lesson here, but I think you get the idea. Let me know if you don't.

2. Public sector creates nothing. There are no goods or services created. All it serves is as an arm of local/state/fed. govt. If you think the public sector has something special, your plain wrong. Look at the most recent huge bureaucracy, TSA. So big, so inefficient etc. Govt. creates jobs, not goods/services. A good portion of these jobs higher than the county level are massively redundant. Try the Elkhorn D.L. facility to see YOUR state using YOUR money the best way possible. I hope your retired for the amount of time you will be there!

3. You are right, parents are to blame for much of the problem. There are plenty of 40 somethings living in their parents basement. Regulation and law is also to blame. Can't spank a kidd, expel them only after numerous problems. Didn't you ever see you H.S. coach put someone into the lockers? Worked well as a first hand experience for my public school years. If your older, ask any Catholic school grad from the 50"s about boxing it out with the priest.

4. School specific here. Did you know that the Deaf school FLIES students home on the weekend? Private charter to Superior, WI. Also FLIES them back. Ask a teacher there what the return on our investment is on that school. You would be shocked.

5. All Public Sector jobs are rife with waste and corruption, even fire and police. How to fix it? V O T E. Looks like Tyler is trying to do what we voted him to do. Not like D.C. with a one way idea. The way to solve this is to trim budgets, lower expenses, shared costs(I'm private pay healthcare, no one helps me), plan better, work smarter, work harder, less welfare. Our country was founded with the idea that you can suceed or fail at what you do, but you will always be FREE to try it. Lets help the orphaned, elderly, those down on their luck(but not forever), and the truly needy. If you ran a business like any govt. entity is run you would have the "out of business" sign up in a month. America is not the land of free handouts my friend, it is opportunity that drives our nation and it is that reason why we are the envy of the world. Not many people knocking on the door to Iran to get in and build a better life. How many U.S. citizens do you think Mexico catches sneaking in everyday?

Lastly, why do you need to point out who you aren't? You are trying to hide your true colors.

Scott Walker For President Fan!
Walworth County