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Scott Walker Fan
July 01, 2011 | 11:03 AM

First I pointed out what I am not to make it clear that my arguements being pro-teacher were not tainted and avoiding being accused of being a teacher, union member, or a Democrat. No other reason then to save arguement time.

Thanks for the econ 101 refresher it has been a couple of decades, but I assure you unnecessary. I am somewhat surprised in your second letter. Your statements and position were much more lucid than your first.

You are correct in the thought, or at least I agree that the liberal left has ruined education with the laws and regulations limiting educators ability to get a point across. I just took your inaccurate accussation of the teachers as the sole reason for the downfall of the literacy that is lacking in todays young. I am glad that we agree that parental guidance or lack thereof is the bigger contributing problem to the situation then the ability of our educators to teach.

As for Walker for President, I think I will wait and see how he does in this position first, kinda 50/50 so far. Good move in trying to mend the budget, but lost points by showing "Good Old Boy" tendencies with the police and fire unions. That is the system that got us into the political mess we are in today.

Citizen of Lake Geneva
Lake Geneva
Walworth County