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report print email Source: Editorial: Board may change teachers’ contract
Don't sign it!
July 01, 2011 | 05:34 AM

Unless I'm reading this wrong - a contract that extends to 2031! Really???? How can they possibly committ to something that binds future school boards to for the next 20 years!?!?! The "professional work day" is nonsense too. I am professional - I get to leave for lunch...not when I have nothing scheduled. I say - schedule something. If they have free time then fill it - don't let them leave. Check your laws here- if your contract says they can leave - and they do - imagine them in a car crash - its work comp. Work comp says if an employee is "traveling" and they are going to or from work - they are covered. But more astonishing - why pay them to work but not actually work..DON'T SIGN THIS.

Walworth County