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Visitors need personal Help using Meters
July 06, 2011 | 11:46 AM

I eat my Lunch manytimes down by the lakefront in all 3 towns ( Fontana,Wms Bay & LG) and I park in Handicap space and go sit on a Bench.. At least 3x ave per the Hour I'm there, I get questions from Vistiors about the Parking Meters and I advise them to "Put in a Extra Quarter" just in case or get a ticket if late and they cost $10-$20 now.. I've even given many Change for a Dollar..

In LG, We hire People to sit at the Boat Ramps for hours on End doing nothing but sit in their vehicles in these same parking spaces, so why not have them Help out? and Instead of The Parking Enforcement People giving tickets only? Why not Help out as well? A much Friendlier Atttiude towards our Tourist/Visitors would go a Long ways...

If they've had these new fangled machines in these other towns? Are they Resort Towns that don't have the same people using them day after day? I doubt it.. and for the one's that do? Ask them what kinds of friendly solutions they found that help the vistiors , not try to Rip them off attitude..

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