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time for everyone to grow up
July 12, 2011 | 10:10 PM

this is about helping people. People that have lost their way. people that have traveled thru the dark valleys and even fell in the slimy pit of life and can't get out. It is up to us fellow humans to help them out of the pit ,cleanse them, comfort them and show compassion that somehow they haven't received. Addiction is tough . It is a chronic life long battle. Agonizing. If you don't have this problem consider yourself blessed.Everyone responds to kindness and compassion and this feedback forum is an example of what the world needs most.COMPASSION. I am a Wisconsin resident for 5 years and I have never been treated so well as by my fellow wisconsinites. I don't miss the congested traffic, the rudeness and the hustle and bustle. None of these remarks should have been made by anyone, up here or in Illinois. The issue is this county offers nothing for those that are suffering. that is all. Now it will. As far as being afraid of the boogyman in your backyards, you should have done your homework and found out who lived in the bldg before. New Life Lodge is a big improvement to what was there before.

in support of New Life Lodge
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