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I'm so tired
July 15, 2011 | 07:07 AM

of posts like the one from North Como about teachers ... until Walker, we never heard any bashing of educators for the jobs they do. Now it's a daily occurrence ... this lady, whom I've never met, gave 41 years of her life to teaching and educating kids. How many more years should she have taught North Como until she had "earned" a pension and a wonderful retirement? As a future hopeful educator, I have no problems with having to pay into my pension and my health, but I'm so sick and tired of all the teacher bashing. And it all goes to Walker. He drove a wedge right in the middle of this state instead of being a leader and bringing us together to fix the problems. I'm also tired of hearing from people who tell me they have to pay into their health and their pension. Well, you know what? Teachers for many many years took a lesser salary to get those benefits. Everyone chooses their profession, and with every profession comes different perks and different challenges. I'd like to see North Como last 41 days let alone 41 years in a classroom and then he/she would be singing a different tune. Congrats to Mrs. Cooper. You've earned the right to retire and tackle the next challenge in your life. Not everyone is as blind as North Como!

Lake Geneva