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Again, Seriously....
July 15, 2011 | 07:23 AM

Please show me where I referred to the teacher in any way. I didn't. I was replying to your assertion that we should simply follow the standard left wing answer to anything, raise taxes and the other assertion that those of us who believe in cutting spending are nothing more that "Koch Brother Loyalists". The point about George Soros about raising his taxes as it was pointing out the hypocrisy of accusing the Koch Brothers of being political opportunists for doing the SAME THINGS Soros does. Only difference is Soros seems to be more in your political camp.

Please spare us the demagoguery about "clean water" as well. The US took in about $2.1 trillion in revenue last year. There ISN'T A REVENUE PROBLEM, we spend too much money on useless programs, fraud, and abuse. Just like everyone of us does in our personal life, the government needs to prioritize spending and make budget cuts to LIVE WITHIN THEIR MEANS, just like you do, just like I do.

Say what you will, Wisconsin made tough choices and now has a balanced budget. People can throw hissy fits about how it was done, but the bottom line is that IT WAS DONE. We could have raised taxes and STILL be stuck with about $8.3 billion in debts and unpaid liabilities, but then we'd be Illinois.....

Enough Already
Lake Geneva
Walworth County