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Enough already ...
July 15, 2011 | 08:51 AM

Did you read the part where I said I have no issue with paying into health and pension or did you just choose to ignore that? My issue with Walker is this: He could have stood before the entire state and said we have a huge budget problem that needs to be dealt with, and in order to make that happen ALL public employees will need to start contributing to their health and pension. Instead, when he said ALL public employees, he meant everyone except police and fire (now before you take this as bashing those people, that is not my point ... but they are public employees too, are they not?) ... so instead of bringing everyone together in an "all for one and one for all" feeling, he put the target squarely on the backs of the teachers and other public employees. When have you ever seen so many negative things said about education as we have since January? Did we have a budget issue? Yes. Did it need to be solved? Yes. Am I in agreement that a health and pension contribution by ALL public employees is fair? Yes. Had he included everyone in the fight instead of singling out everybody else, I would be singing a different tune. Walker himself even admitted he should have done things differently.

I'll hold out final judgment until I start seeing all these great jobs that Walker is promising as well ... will they be $8 an hour jobs or will they be real careers? As it stands right now I have very little chance of ever getting a teaching job in this state because of the massive cuts to the school district budgets and all the layoffs. I hold two college degrees and have to fight, kick and scratch to keep my head above water, but I do it every single day because that's what has to be done. I've lived here all my life and there's a very good chance I will have to move. These cuts are going to do great harm to one of the best public education systems in the nation. I'm not going to get into MPS other than saying I do agree that throwing more money at a failing system isn't the answer, but I will counter that with saying do you honestly think class sizes of 35, 40, 45 kids in the inner city is going to help the situation? Shouldn't there be other places we can look to cut rather than decimating education in this state? Shouldn't we be trying to find ways to help people rather than harm them? I'm of the belief that if someone needs the system to help them out, then it should be there. Of course, there are those who take advantage of the system, and you're going to have that everywhere. But there are those who need the help ... where will they get it now? I wish I knew.

My original point until you got me off on this tangent was the post by North Como that claims this teacher is just milking from the public teat like all those other "overpaid" educators. How after 41 years of dedicated service she's not entitled to a pension is beyond me. She's earned it and she deserves it in my book. That's an awful lot of years of molding young minds, which used to be a profession that was looked upon with pride and honor ... sadly, it really isn't any more, and that brings my post full circle. It goes back to leadership ... do leaders bring people together or tear them apart? You have to be pretty naive not to see what's been happening in Wisconsin the last seven months.

Lake Geneva
Walworth County