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report print email Source: Editorial: BREAKING - Man drowns in Geneva Lake
You wonder why..
July 17, 2011 | 04:38 AM

What a Avoidable Tragedy.. Why do these People think they can go swimming in deep water/w/o a Vest on..? Unfortunately, things like this will happen again.. My Sympathies and Prayers go out to the Family for their And Geneva Lakes Loss..

I do find it suspect why use the Flight to Life service, when he was obviously Gone and for quite awhile and Not just use Lakeland Hosp.
And I wish More Enforcement of Boating Laws were Pointed out to Boaters.. Starting with at the Boat Launches by Attendents..I've seen too many in One Small Boat to other Things , that Pier Attendent did nothing about.. TO Even Not Doing a quick Inspection of the Boat before it goes in the water-from the drain plug to having enough Life Vest/Jackets on board, etc..and not too many going in the boat to even Their Boat Anchors not secured by A Chain and Rope very well ( I Dive and found many Anchors In the Lake )

And How come? They allow those BIG Floating Rafts to be Anchored so far out into the Lake From shore? & Not Lighted at nite?
Just more Avoidable 'Accidents' waiting to happen I guess and waiting until AFTER they od , before doing anything.. What a Shame..

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