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Why no seat belt?
July 17, 2011 | 05:09 AM

Why Wear Not Seat Belt? Let me enlighten you.& The Realities of Life....( And I'm sure you can Come up with Reasons against doing these Things ,as Can I, but they are Realities)

FYI- #1- If just going to be running around town, in/out of the car several Times and Doing no more than about 20-35 mph? Why Bother?
#2- Why Not the Kids Secured In Car Seats ? Ever go thru a Hassel of putting your child in those Restraint Seats? and T only go down the 25 mh street to the store, 5 min later and then get out, etc..
#3-Ever Come by the Big Foot State Park on a Wknd and Ck all those Vehicles Leaving the Park in the Evening? I never saw a Cop around there, have you?
#4- How about the Motorcycles and those Skooters running around town? Where's Their Seat Belts, let alone Helmets?
#5- Ever about to go into your Boat/launch it or to Go Run down to the Beach to go swimming and ever wear a Seat Belt? Feels Real Nice wearing just a T shirt or Bare Skin.. Leaves Rash Marks!
#6- And How about those Farm Equiptment -Tractors and other Equiptment on the Roads? No Seat Belts for them!

And of course, if going to be Even going Btwn LG and Wms Bay doing 45 + on Rte 50 or on BB on the south side of the lake , put the belt on , etc..

How about Those Cruising around in their Antique Cars w/o Seat Belts?

I realize things are Slow for The Police Dept. and the Town/Ship needs $, but using this as a Reason to give them something to do and making $ is Stretching It, don't you think?
And I have Yet ( in living here for over 10 yrs) seen a Officer have a Loud Motorcycle pulled over and how about Not enough Handicapped Parking spaces? This IS a Town That Attracts Alot of Seniors and Special Needs Kids you know.. Or haven't you noticed?

Or how about all those BIG PUp Trucks to Big SUV's being parked on the Streets and blocking the View to Back out if parked along side them or people walking out from btwn them and can't see them till the last second?

And why not 10 mph limits in Town during the Season, at least On the Wknds? And There are Now so many "Pedestrian Crosswalks", might as well just Shut the Streets down for Vehicles on the wknds.
We just Stay out of Towns on the Wknds.. it's just too Dangerous..

Retired in
Geneva Lakes
Walworth County