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report print email Source: Editorial: Breaking: Fire call leads to evacuation of 400 guests at Grand Geneva
as firefighters from at least four area fire departments checke
July 17, 2011 | 06:06 AM

"as firefighters from at least four area fire departments checked"

There Ya Go! Never pass up an Opportunity to make a Buck I say..!

This was at best a 1 Alarm call to start with and the Chief or whomever 1st arrifing at the scene, would have made the call to increase it or not, before calling out everyone On the Planet to respond to this.. and where was WE Energies in all this? They have Response teams too!

I know, I kow.. Never can be too Safe.. But none the less.. this goes on way too much as far as I'm concerned vs having to spend Hundreds of Thousands for New Trucks , that 50% of the time, are not needed to paying for these Kinds of Calls with Over-Kill..
And It helps to Pad the # of Calls when comes time for Budget Time too..
And I have no doubts, When they heard where it was at ( The Old Playboy Club) and Wine and Cheese and Crackers were Being handed out for Free? Everyone Came! and I bet some of the Old Volunteers thought they might still see some Old Bunnies running around there, yet! lol

I bet if it wasn't the Playboy Club and it was some old Senior Citizen place, not that many guys would have come...lol

And I know, better to be safe than sorry..and Of course, glad all came out Safe and Sound..

It was a HOT Place during the Good Old Days of when it was the Playboy Club and probably Some Ghost still Floating around there caused this..
And there are so many Condo's there now? It's a Small City- that is all but Deserted 8 mos a yr..and can make another Movie like the Shining there.. Is Jack Nickolsen available?
The Entrance to the place is so Long and Winding road, It probably took Twice as much time getting into the Place as it did Getting TO the Entrance to it! Hope the Boys Enjoyed the View! Bet it broke up the week for them..

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LG of course
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