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They owe $20 Million? Whew!
July 17, 2011 | 06:41 AM

As has been said many times before "Most communities do not have a revenue problems, they have spending problems."

joe taxpayer

Hey Joe! I agree With you guy, but got to understand.. What's the % of Homeowners that are (a) Out of State & (b) Wealthy or Rich ( make above $60k yr) ? And if you can get that, say 51% that are to foot the bill? Why not?
Hole your Meetings during the Off season , so they can't be here and pass all kinds of Nice things to be done.. What are they gonna Do? Sell? To whome? Nobody is buying!

It's a Prime opportunity to get these kinds of things Done..

Next? Make the whole Town A Gated Community!

and we "little people" just have to move out .. and go live elsewhere, near by.. adn there is still some nice Lower Priced places on the South Side of the Lake towards LG and The Nearby Towns of Walworth or Darien is Nice and even Harvard, Ill. is Nice too!
Maybe Even Get Train Service restarted back up here!
Get some Old Steam Engine train out of Mothballs and run it Bk & Forth from The N Shore of Chicago to WalWorth...3 mos a yr...
And be nice to see Underground Water Sprinklers Along the Sides of the roads and In the Park to save the Plants and Grass ..
And let's get those New Lamp posts Converted over to LED's shall we? Be alot more Gree and use alot less Electricity..
The Growth of the Community over the next 10-20 yrs will More than Pay the bills..
and maybe? The Whole Geneva Lakes Area will return to be a Gold Mine to the Community and the State..
and we need More Bike Paths- adding 5 ft to the Current Roads for Bike riders.. and more Street Lights..It's way too dark at nite on SS Drive, etc..
and a Nice place to Store our Kyaks , SurfBoards..and our own Launch pad for them..
and a Wider and Bigger Boat Launch too! With More Lights and Boat -Valet Attendents to Launch and Take our Boats out while we go sit at Gordy's or Chucks and have a Beer..!
and how a Toll Gate athe Abby Bridge! It takes forever to get In /out of the Abbey Harbor now.. and Getting Kinda hard to Get those 40+ ft boats Under the Bridge at times! Better Raise & Widen the Bridge!

So think in 10-20 yrs ahead Joe, not now or just a few yrs..
Higher Taxes and More Spending is the answer..
Don't be so Conservative..

Retired in
Geneva Lakes
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