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report print email Source: Editorial: Turning golf hole into a dog park
RE: LGgirl4ever
July 18, 2011 | 12:47 PM

I spoke out about the dog park in earlier comments. I said it is non-essential to the community only because the idea of a Skateboard park had been mentioned as NON-ESSENTIAL and I couldn't understand why the same people who are against the skateboard park would embrace a dog park. Your comment has the same basis to it as many in the area have said time after time. WE DON'T NEED TO ATTRACT TOURISTS!!!! How can people in this area honestly say that? Tourism is our largest source of revenue. Without it this area taxes and other expenses would skyrocket. Why do so many in this area constantly see the need to bite the hands that feed, clothe, keep roofs over our heads, etc?
Hillmoor Golf Course is history, it will never be reopened as a golf course. The cost to do so is to expensive. I am not a golfer but I look at the course as I drive by and you can't distinguish the sandtraps or greens from anything else. The time has come to utilize the city land for other things. I also thing the rest of the course would make a very nice sports center.
There could be a nice indoor sports facitity built for hockey and here is a thought maybe build a indoor skateboard park instead of an outdoor one. The weather factor on it would be eliminated and the city could make money off of it also by leasing space as they do at the Riviera. There could be indoor sports shops and if planned right there could even be enough room for some much needed parking. Forget the golf course it is history and also there are plenty of other courses in the city.
So, we need to bolster the tourism in the area and get many to stop here instead of passing thru to the Dells. If you want to eliminate tourism then we need to bring in manufacturing factories and retail to fill the void and I know that would cut down on the beauty and country atmosphere here so that won't fly either.

Walworth County