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Ditto to Accurate Reading
July 19, 2011 | 10:55 AM

I was an early arriver at the boat fire a couple of weeks ago, and watched the video online from WTMJ channel 4 in Milwaukee of the drowning incident. At the fire, it was the WSP boat quickly on scene that had all of the survivors safely on board, with the police boat (and other patrol boats as they arrived) providing crowd control. My observation of both operations (and I have some experience and background in this type of situation) was that nothing could have been done differently or "better" which would have changed either outcome. It takes some time to get the Linn rescue boats on scene, but once there, they had the fire-fighting ability to put the boat fire out quickly (the more important thing is to get the passengers to safety, which had already been accomplished by the Water Safety Patrol). At the drowning, the Linn rescue boat's flat bow was lowered and facilitated getting the victim into the boat, where adequate CPR and other rescue procedures could be performed. Divers can't do this while they are in the water. The flat bow of the boat isn't conducive to speed, but once on scene the set-up is ideal for managing the dive and rescue operations. Flight for Life provides a great service. If it were my loved one, I would be glad all the resources available were put into play. A drowning victim isn't considered "...obviously gone..."- They are only considered "dead" when they are "warm and dead." Submergence in 20 to 25 feet of water has been known to cool a person's body temperature enough to slow their metabolism to the point of being able to survive an apparently "obvious" drowning.

Tim Caufield
Walworth County