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Congrats Ms. Cooper!
July 19, 2011 | 03:19 PM

Good 4 U-You Made it! LOL-Putting up with That many kids over that many Yrs is a Challange in itself.. Although The Kids in our District are alot Nicer & easier to deal with than in many other Big Cities. But, none the less, you made it. ! You More than Did your Job and got paid for it and I hope your enjoy your Retirement you deserve..

As for The Political issue about Unions , Teachers pay, etc?
-If they Paid into their Retirement as others Do in their #401k/Pensions
-Paid into for their Own Health Care as all others do
-Then I don't have a problem with that..
- Many did so via Getting in a form a Tax Free Benefits in lieu of Getting Paid More Income and then paying for it, but they took a Lower Yearly Income in return..
-I was Self Employed most of my life and for most of those Yrs My Health Ins. was paid with AFTER tax income and Not tax deductable. While those working for someone, was getting it w/o paying any income tax for that benefit and that to me was wrong . I think Any and All Benefits are a form of being paid to work and should be Taxed 1st and then go from there..
-We pay our Utility bills that we can't live without but aren't Tax Exempt/Or Deductable
-We pay for our Food that we cannot live withuot and that isn't tax exempt or tax deductable
-So why should any employee benefits be Tax Exempt or Tax Deductable?
-For most Yrs upto the 21st Century, Health care Plan Premiums were a Minor Cost, but not since 2000 fwd.. Employers paying the ave of $15,000 Premiums for a Group Health Family plan and $5,000 yr for a Single and NOBODY IS PAYING ANY TAXES on getting it! That's an ave of over $2,000 a Yr in Lost Payroll Taxes that everyone else has to make up for!
-If one PAYS for their Way is one thing and then they Deserve what they can Get.. Most others, NOT having a Union or someone to speak up for them are Just JEALOUS and ENVIOUS. Why Nobody Complained all these Yrs? Simple> The vast majority were On the Payroll And Recieving it!
You wouldn't have heard Me Say, No thanks ! And I will just take my $/Pension and Benefits and Just go Live somewhere else if I have too and leave this State Broke and Busted, In the Dust as I drive away in my Motor Home..! That's what I did when I left Illinois and will do if have too here..
At the rate your State Taxes are going? It looks like It's either Arizona or Nevada in the Future.

And you Wisconsiites are Killing the Goos Laying the Golden Eggs, not to mention keeping Wi. taxes Too high to make it worthwhile for Companies to come to Wi. , let alone Not being a 'Right to Work State" or Choose wether want a Union or not. There are Plenty of State and Federal Laws now that Mot don't need unions anymore, they were needed in the early 20th century , but not that much anymore.. Getting Companies to pay HS educated level People , College Level Incomes is just plain Wrong. And your supposed to be paid more for staying on the Job Longer? Why? Go ahead an Quit! You stayed on the job longer because you either didn't want to or couldn't get anything better!

And if a College Grad can make the ave of $50k yr now and just with 3% Inflation, end up making $100k yr after 24 yrs is Justified. If she started at $25k yr 40 yrs ago ( 1970) she should be making At Least $66k yr now ( 166% ) In one form or another.. 70% of that for a Pension? = $46k yr and do Teahers Get SS? I don't think so, do they? And Good Luck trying to Retire on 70% of what you used to make, Unless your Married and they have enough comming in to make it up.. and If she does? More Power to Her, that's to HER Benefit..for putting up with a Husband for that long.. and He's a Lucky Guy having a Wife still bringing in that kind of Money as well! He can then afford to Go Play Golf and Boating and Fishing ! Just like God Intended us Men to do!
lol ;-)

Retired in
LG of course
Walworth County