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Not Quite Tough Enough
July 23, 2011 | 09:34 AM

While the law that was finally passed seems like a big improvement over some of the earlier proposed versions, I feel it does not meet a standard of safety that most citizens, particularly parents, would expect. The idea that you can sit outside of a school property with a gun hidden away still bothers me even though I have no young kids. There was a reason for that 1000 foot barrier.

Another issue is whether a gun training program like a hunter safety program is sufficient training and screening for those who want to carry small arms. The other programs seem sufficient.

Finally, the notion of being able to walk into a bar with a concealed weapon and start drinking simply seem insane. If someone gets too many drinks anything can happen. This notion of bearing arms because some others may do so is going a bit too far. The first guy who upsets a fight by pulling a gun and shoots some guy is going to cause some rethinking of this law.