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report print email Source: Editorial: CNN honors local philanthropist Dimiceli with hero title
This honor is so richly deserved...
July 27, 2011 | 09:50 AM

Sal Dimiceli is a blessing to anyone who has hit upon hard times and is struggling to survive. He's an amazing, compassionate man who, when he hears about someone who has no food and whose utilities have been shut off, doesn't just say, "Oh, that's too bad!" and go on about his. He gets in his car and goes over to that individualís or families home and does something about it. He makes the struggles and hardships of those less fortunate his responsibility and brings to them life-altering, positive changes. He literally feeds the hungry and brings hope to the hopeless.

It's been my privilege to know Sal for some years now; to be a recipient of his warmth, generosity and consideration. I've received more than a few of his warm hugs and his approbation and count him as my friend. His children have been taught to be as giving and empathetic as he is - they're such fine young people. His beautiful wife and family share him with those who need help. It takes time to help others and that time is taken away from his family, but they understand why he does what he does; indeed, they walk in his footsteps.

Truly Sal Dimiceli is the most compassionate, generous, altruistic, determined man I've ever met. HE MAKES A POSITIVE DIFFERENCE EVERY DAY OF HIS LIFE. He brings hope where there is none; he brings comfort, most important, HE GETS INVOLVED! We can all learn from the example he sets and begin to make a difference in big and small ways ourselves and involve our children so they become aware of how blessed they are. Helping those less fortunate is his life's work.

Bravo, Sal. Congratulations! No one deserved this honor more than you do!

Pamela deRoy
Taste of Wisconsin