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Finally, a place for kids to hang out that they wont have to pay
July 29, 2011 | 04:28 PM

I grew up in Lake Geneva and skateboarded as kid and still do. I am 29 yrs old and I think what a lot of people are failing to see is that skatepark is a positive place for kids. There is not a lot do in Lake Geneva that isn't free...sure you can enjoy the lake and beaches but all cost money. Skateboards and bikes are relatively cheap and this is a public forum where kids can burn off some steam as well bond with others at no cost. I understand it has a high up front cost for the city....however this is concrete park. Once it is in place, it will be there to stay. I live on the west coast and the midwest is very behind the times. I can't argue about a fire truck but I very very please this is happening and it will last much longer the a fire truck.

Sneaky P
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