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A true man of God...
July 30, 2011 | 09:53 PM

It touched my heart deeply when I saw the CNN Hero segment featuring Sal. We are all living in such uncertan times. Knowing that Sal is there to help so many of those who are suffering brings a ray of hope to us all. I was one of those who used to say, "When the going gets tough...the tough get going.".... that is,.... until I lost my own job, and found out what it was like keeping secrets about what was really in my refridgerator,...which is next to nothing. With our Electric bill past due as well, I'm finding out what fear that runs through your soul feels like. It is a deep suffering and worry like no other. I agree with Sal that we should all be helping one another get through the hard times that we are facing, as well as those that lie ahead. Believe me, you never know when it may be "you" who is in need ... If only we could all commit to helping others the way Sal does, in any way we could,...our country may not have gotten so deeply into the mess that it's in. I so wish that there were more like Sal, living in Colorado, who were willing to offer a helping hand . . . Something we must always remember, and that is to "Love your fellow man" (it is what Jesus would do.) and it is what this wonderful man does every day. Thank you again Sal, for the love in your heart. . .

V. Alfieri
Lakewood, Colorado
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