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...speaking of ignorant
August 01, 2011 | 02:41 PM

.....it is a very valid argument. You want to talk about places that provide toxic environments but you want to disregard bars and all that comes with them....drinking and driving, over-serving, fighting. But yet kids skateboarding pose a larger threat? The freak show called the X games you refer to is a multi-billion dollar industry. Your argument has changed from stereo typing all skateboarders (kids) as drug addicts to a mis-use of tax payer dollars. Which is it? Also, the dispensaries you referred to are privately owned..so again...who's ignorant. If you don't want the city to spend the money than thats fine and I can respect that.....but to lump an entire generation because of the activities they participate in makes you sound old, ignorant and fearful. Maybe if you left your bubble you wouldn't be so uptight about it. Kids don't fly kites, trade baseball cards, or join the boy scouts anymore. They skateboard because its cool and fun. You MIZIKE sound like you are not fun and not cool.

Walworth County
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