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Time to put the pipe down...
August 02, 2011 | 08:07 AM

I'll slow this down so even you can understand Paul. The difference between the freak park and a bar is that the bar IS PRIVATELY OWNED!. Being a freakshow and a waste of tax dollars isn't mutually exclusive. A bar might not be the moral equivalent of a church, but the city and the taxpayer don't subsidize them, endorse them or pay for them. What part of that is so difficult to comprehend?

So, the X-games are a multi billion dollar industry? I guess by your standards then, we should allow a porn shop to open right downtown. Afterall, porn is legal, a "lifestyle", is a multi billion dollar industry, and has a certain type of person associated with it. Eerie how much the two are alike wouldn't you say? At least the porn shop would be a private business.

Let me guess, when the next generation of fringe wierdos comes along with another "lifestyle" you'll be in favor of spending city money to cater to their needs too. You started down this slope, good luck getting off it.

BTW, if I'm considered not "cool and fun" by a bunch of degenerate punks, I'll take that as a compliment....

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