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August 11, 2011 | 11:07 AM

It's always been a mess downtown. Downtown should have been a 4 lane all the way throu town, that would keep traffic flowing. But those greedy buisness and over priced, want to keep it a 2 lane. There has never been a place to park downtown, parking stalls are always full (out of state people). I have'nt shopped downtown for years and I know a lot of other people from town who don't. The city had it's chance to build a parking facility on lower Center St. years ago, now looks what's there, an eye sore. Best thing to do; 4 lanes throu town, parking facility (old Ace property), leave the parking meters the way they are, no other city that I know of changes it's parking meters becouse "out of towners " don't like putting money in the meters. Until the city wakes up it will always be a mess.

Lake Geneva
Walworth County