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Think your House is Over Valued? Appeal
August 11, 2011 | 08:10 PM

If you KNOW your Home isn't worth what the Assessor says it is? Get some Resale values of it from a Couple of Different RE Agencies and find out..
And if they say it's worth at least $10,000 less? Appeal it or hire someone to appeal it for you..

And it's good to do that every time to keep your Valutaion lower for the next time around..

And try to Go find a 3 Bdrm Ranch Home in N. Illinois around Chicago Burbs for $150-$200k
and see what you get and were it is located..
If My Place is worth What I paid for it , plus Inflation when the time comes when I have to Sell it? I count myself Lucky up here.. If you want to buy a Home with 6-8% yr Growth In valule? Head to the Big Cities, Like the Chicago Burbs. But $200 k won't even buy you a Pup Tent down there..

Retired in
LG of course
Walworth County