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report print email Source: Editorial: Man faces seventh-drunken driving charge
How many more times
August 12, 2011 | 06:33 AM

does this man have to get pulled over for DUI before the courts accept the fact he has a problem or does he have to kill an innocent victim first. Just what is the threshhold to put these people away? 7 DUI's is totally unacceptable. It appears obvious this man has no intention of seeking help for this addiction so it is the courts responsibility to impose treatment in prison at his expense, not the taxpayers. It is just ridiculous how this type of offense is treated. Now to all those out there who are going to dredge up old stories and such about Como I have just one thing to say. DON'T we need not go down memory lane again. This problem is county wide and not just in Como.

Concerned Resident