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Caring for the Elderly Problem
August 13, 2011 | 10:35 AM

This si just a Sample of the Problem of Caring for the Elderly- be they Family-Loved One's etc..
It's going to Grow worse as Babyboomers age
And The South eastern Wi. area has more than it's Fair Share of Elderly and Not enough Facilities to care for them.
Many Seniors Come to The Wi. Area to Retire in lower Cost Homes , to afford to Retire on Their Retirement Incomes from Illinois.. Many are 2nd Home owners here for many yrs and retire here..

Me thinks this is also a Result ot The Booming Economy over the past 10-20 yrs, that allowed more People from Illinois to Afford a 2nd-Summer Home in Wi. and now are retiring here..
It's nice to see More Health Care from Mercy and Aurora Comming into the Area.. But, will it be enough?

Nursing Home Cost ave over $6,000 a Month in the area and not many have that kind of $ or LTC Insurance to cover those costs.. and inturn will become a Major Financial Burden to the State and County..

We found Hiring "Live In Companions" to be the Answer for our needs.. But the Area needs More Of them and attracting More Immigrants Fill that need..

Retired in
Geneva Lakes area
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