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Helping a Person In need
August 13, 2011 | 11:13 AM

While It's Wonderfull to be Helping all these fellow Americans..I find it terrible when I read about Millions ( or billions) being spent to help So many other Iellgals to Hundreds of Millions being spent and sent to other countries..

But stories like this showes We don't even take care of our Own , but We can afford to spend and send $ to help everyone else.. It's Pathedic..

The More we give to These Illegals and Other Countries, the more Come to live here and other countries depend on us to support them..
We have found out, we are Not as Rich a Country as so many have tried to Convience us we have been, so they can take our $ and Give it away .. And Now ? WE are BROKE!
and they fight in Congress to Keep Trying to KEEP Spending Our $ on everyone else, but Us!
Organizations Like Time is Now, should be getting those Dollar$ , 1st and not some Illegals or other Countries.

Our School Districts Are going Broke! Needing more $, but How much of their Budgets are being Eaten up by providing The $ for Free Educations , Food, Supplies to Illegals ? And I see More and More of them Comming into the Communities that are giving more to them, attracting them like Bee's to Honey.. They spread the word .. And I don't Blame them.. If I was In their shoes..I'd be here with my hand out too! Wouldn't you?

Retired Veteran
Geneva Lakes area
Walworth County